A one-of-a-kind experience! Roam the rolling green hills of Normandy, follow in the steps of the brave on the D-Day beaches, nourish yourself with delectable local cuisine... and share authentic moments of truth with our exceptionally talented craftsmen and local producers.
Curious to discover or re-discover Normandy?
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Mont Saint Michel Finding France


Exclusive access to secret hidden sites

Mont Saint Michel Abbey Finding France

Get to know Colette on her farm

The whole family masters the art of making cheese from their own herd of goats!

Sheep of Mont Saint Michel Finding France
Accommodation in privately owned chateaux Finding France

A night in a Castle

A traditional and charming guest house.

Step onto a beach and into the past

D-Day, June 6th, 1944: Allied troops make landfall

DDay beaches Normandy Finding France
French river Finding France
Norman cow Finding France

Patrick and his cheese-making workshop

Enter through the back door to discover the secrets of the trade

Lunch and Dine on local produce

An inn on a farm you’ll never see the likes of again

Norman cheese Finding France
Clement Decre at a cheese producer Finding France

Nicholas and his chickens

Cheerily squabbling all around the courtyard

Visit of a Norman artisanal farm Finding France