A one-of-a-kind experience! Take in the elegant beauty of picturesque cities, sample delicate and rare vintage wines, learn the mysteries of that perfect fizz in a glass of champagne ... and share authentic moments of truth with our exceptionally talented craftsmen and local producers.
Curious to discover or re-discover the Champagne region?
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Pomenade-dans-les-vignes walk in vineyards Finding France

Walk the talk in Vincent’s vineyard

Reims Cathedral

Reims Cathedral Champagne Finding France

Reims Cathedral

Florence and her family open their wine cellar for you

A precious moment in an organic vineyard

Visit of a great house of champagne cellar Moet and Chandon!
Champagne Cellar Finding France

Anthony’s vegetable patch

Farm-to-market is a common practice here

French producer market gardener Finding France
Family friendly trips Finding France

Virginia, a vintner’s heartwarming welcome

Perfect friendship for a family outing

*Too much alcohol is bad for health, drink responsibly