About us

Word of the founder

“Finding France” is a project I created after realizing a number of customers hoped for a different way of discovering France – something where respect for people and nature predominated. With Finding France, be it a single day or a two-week trip, every exceptional tour unravels exactly as you wish it to, as a couple, family, or group of friends.
Each private tour is customized to cater to your needs and exceed expectations. Only visit what interests you most. Create a unique journey that mirrors your personality. Itineraries are thought up and activities selected that match the hopes of each of you. This works flawlessly for groups of 2 to 8 people.
During your stay and travel, you’ll have time to wind down and reflect on what you discover. Intimate, private groups are the only way to shape these precious moments, one of our key benefits.
Everything you’ll see and experience is the “fine fleur” of what there is to discover: nothing is more beautiful, more authentic… or more surprising! We’ve brought together a tight-knit team of passionate artisans and craftsmen, many of whom live the dream. As they toil with joy, they’re wont to share their secrets and chat with delighted visitors-turn-friends. These one-of-a-kind encounters with producers, growers and heirloom tradespersons offer an exclusive glimpse into their daily life with workshop visits and behind-the-scenes tours. We’ve signed up exceptional sites all over France that we’d love for you to discover. At times unexpected, always heartfelt, this portrait of France is sure to enrapture you.

Clément Decré, Founder


Finding France – What we stand for

At Finding France, we believe great change only arises from many small deeds carefully set in motion. Here is the future we envision:

Supporting artisans and local producers

We support the work of people who create the value our land has to share. We help them showcase their talent and encourage them to keep striving for local know-how, oftentimes ancestral, to live on. We endeavor to bolster economic growth at a local, personal scale.

meet french producers and artisans
Vallons-de-provence Finding France

Promoting our regions

We will shine the spotlight on everything that builds culture: gastronomy, arts, architecture, craftsmanship, agriculture…

Preserving the environment and sustainability

We work with producers and talented craftsmen and women who resolutely shape their work around protecting nature. Organic farmers, gourmet chefs who favor seasonal & local produce, sustainable fisheries, eco-habitats and more.

walk in the vineyards and meet wine producers Finding France
Nature ecotourism Finding France

Making tourism itself sustainable

We offer activities that mesh into local growth without distorting it, preserving the environment and the unique cultural heritage locals cherish.

Our master key for success: “Slow tourism”

With Finding France, savor the moment!
Discovery, sharing, wonder… all this needs time. We opt for quality over quantity.

Family chocolate making Finding France